Johannes Fries - Plucky Proof

Johannes Fries - Plucky Proof

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Release: November 17, 2023
Product: Audio CD in a Digipack
Number Discs: 2
Label: Rodenstein-Records

Disc 1 von 2
01. Intro, 02. Dance or die, 03. Something in it, 04. Nelson, 05. In the city, 06. This is for you, 07. I love what you do, 08. Plucky proof

Disc 2 von 2
01. Intro, 02. Saadie, 03. Supporting the moment, 04. I hope you feel good, 05. Intermezzo, 06. How I'll get the feelin, 07. Idu mama, 08. Ego trippin, 09. I'm happy, 10. Outro

Album Info:
Drummer and composer Johannes Fries has produced an outstanding album for Rodenstein Records for the third time. With his very own style between fusion, jazz funk and African grooves and with a squad of outstanding musicians and once again recorded and produced by the great Thomas Mark (Kangaroo studios

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