About Us

Dear Friend of Music:

I am glad to be able to welcome you to our Internet pages.

As our "exquisite jazz & world music" motto indicates, we want to offer you exquisite music from varius artist. Our special task lies beyond this basic repertoire: jazzandrecords.de would like to be service provider for indepentent jazz, latin, funk, world music whose interest also reaches into the niches of this expanded repertoire.

Our database currently includes CDs from artists all over the world.

In terms of service and consulting, you can have the highest expectations of us. You can reach us on the Internet. We will do our best to answer all of your questions concerning ordered CDs, your customer account, your delivery, and everything else that you want to know.

I wish you much fun and enjoyment with the jazzandrecords selection.

Matthias Füchsle

Head Office