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Release: 24. Mai 2006
Product: Audio CD / tin box
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Ooyaah

OOYAAH! are:
Maria Bier-Gesang
Jutta Gückel - Gesang
Jutta Brandl - Gesang
Andrea Reichhart - Gesang
Gernot Kögel - Bass und Gesang
Lars Binder - Schlagzeug und Percussion

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  Album Tracklist
01. Baby Love
02. Fairy Tale
03. Agua de beber
04. Sankofa
05. Masha
06. Chain of fools
08. Mermaid
09. Indian Summer
10. Have I told you lately
11. How long
12. Signe

Band Info:
OOYAAH! Voices and Groove

Six individuals: four women and two men. Each of them with a strong and independent personality but blending perfectly and elegantly creating a sound that is impressive and wonderfully fragile and smooth at the same time.

The four ladies perform remarkable vocal art and delight their audiences with their harmonic, seemingly weightless music. Dirik Schilgen and Gernot Kögel provide the tight backing with their precise and sensitive drumming and virtuoso bass playing.

Increasingly more Ooyaah! originals are being introduced into the band's assorted catalogue, as well as exclusive new adaptions of Jazz and Pop-
masterpieces in totally new arrangements. Their music is gentle, at times almost tender, sometimes rude, very sensual, very noble, always magical.

The CD is published in a strictly limited edition and comes in a tin box.

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