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Kolsimcha - Tevye

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Release: 13th February 2017
Product: Audio CD / Digipack
Number of Discs: 1
Label: VOJ

Michael Heitzler - Clarinet
Simon Girard - Trombone
Olivier Truan - Piano
Thomas Lähns - Bass
Christoph Staudenmann - Drums

Special guests:
Domenico Melchiorre - Timpani
Adrian Romaniuc - Mallets and Percussion
David Gurtner - Percussion
Szilard Buti - Percussion
Slava Cernavca - Clarinet (download versions)

Listen to the album:

  Album Tracklist
01. Dance Suite
02. Dance Suite Encore
03. Slow Melody
04. Tevye
05. Games
06. Pas De Trois
07. Taenzel
08. Ukraine
09. Mingling
10. Finale
11. Pas De Deux
12. Wedding
13. Nigun
14. The Village
15. The End

Product Info:
The composer and pianist Olivier Truan presents his latest work with the album "Tevyje".

For the ballet "Tewje" by Richard Wherlock, he composed the music played by Kolsimcha and the Macedonian Orchestra.

Richard Wherlock transposes the story of the moving hero from Sholem Aleichem’s classic of Yiddish literature and re-tells it through dance. Joy, suffering and the pains of love all find expression here as does the theme of tradition, handing down beliefs, rituals and customs which at that time and in that place repeatedly provokes people to revolt against stifling convention. Wherlock’s style of contemporary dance blends with the exhilarating and accessible music of Olivier Truan, who has written a commissioned score for the Basel chief choreographer’s new ballet. Truan composes fascinating and stylistically open world music which combines Jewish musical traditions and South European folklore with jazz improvisations and borrowings from Western classics to create a “contemporary Klezmer”.

Coupled with this thrilling music, Richard Wherlock’s new ballet promises a whirlwind of dancing virtuosity and exuberant pleasure.

Execellent MUSIC from Kolsimcha for a excellent BALLET!

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