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Jürgen Hagenlocher - Leap Of The Dark

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Release: 03/01/2012
Product: Audio CD / Jewelcase
Number of Discs: 1
Label:Intuition/Challenge Records

Jürgen Hagenlocher –Tenor Saxophon
Alex Sipiagin – Trumpet
David Kikoski – Piano
Boris Kozlov – Double Bass
Nate Smith - Drums

Recorded: 11/12.11.08 Fattoria Musica Osnabrück
Mixed: 05/06.01.2009 by Dave Darlington, Basshit Studios, New York
Mastered: 25.02.09 by Glenn Miller, Greenwood Studios, Nunningen

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  Album Tracklist
01. Pollyanna Start
02. The myth of the dreamcatcher Start
03. Leap in the dark Start
04. Corruptionists Start
05. April´s mood Start
06. Turmoils Start
07. Dark turns bright Start
08. Step by step

Product Info:
Hagenlocher is a former child prodigy that knows his way around the sax and has been percolating under the general radar for a while now. A delightfully friendly outing, Hagenlocher hooks up with Alex Sipiagin and his pals for a quintet date that comes right down the middle loaded with an underpinning of 50s instrumental attitude but sounding in the now.

This isn't music that was made to change the face of jazz, it was made to be enjoyed on those lazy Sunday afternoons when the face of jazz doesn't feel like shaving. This feels like it would go great with Sunday papers and second cups of coffee. Well done.

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