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Ladrones del Tiempo - entre 2 palos

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Release: 04/04/2014
Product: Audio CD / Jewelcase
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Eigenverlag

David Beer – Gitarre
Simon Heggendorn - Violine
Rodrigo Aravena - Bass
John Flury - Percussion

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  Album Titelverzeichnis
01. Olas, Viento Y Cafe
02. Todavia No
03. Nini
04. Chichilin
05. Eikachan
06. El Viaje
07. Emma
08. A Mi Amigo Erez
09. El Ladron Del Tiempo

Product Info:
What happens when music from the head and music from the heart collide? You seem to lose yourself; all sense of time is suddenly taken from you as though it was stolen - Ladrones del Tiempo = time thieves. Both jazz and flamenco leave plenty of room for improvisation, and that is exactly the route that these four musicians want to take.

To be as naughty as a thief! This tantalizing concept can be found in David Beer's compositions: The rhythmic and stylistic patterns of flamenco as well as the harmonic tapestries and the improvisation of jazz, all thrown together into a sonorous mix. In addition, Ladrones take some liberties and re-develop traditional elements of flamenco with a jazzy outlook. It is thus possible to have a "new music" arise from the merging of these elements - one that does not deny its origins but rather, respectfully pays tribute to its forefathers.

Ladrones' first CD is out now. The concerts will follow shortly. Come and have a listen - you won't be disappointed.

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