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INEZ - Fiction Folk

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Release: 11.01.2013
Product: Audio CD im Digipack
Number of disc: 1
Label: Foxtones

Ines Brodbeck - Vocals, Percussion, Cembalo, Violine
Michael Garrod - Piano
Joshua Valland - Guitars, Mandoline
Mirco Häberli - Acoustic Bass
Eric Gut - Drums, Percussion
Michael Chylewski - Electric and Acoustic Bass, Guitars
Lukas Briggen - Trombone

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  Album Tracklist
01. Remember
02. Walking
03. Movimientos
04. E So
05. Homemade Fiction Folk
06. Wasser
07. Sardegna
08. Ufem Bärg
09. Tantas Cosas
10. Sonido Azul
11. Seija
12. It‘s You
13. Lullaby

Product Info:
A fascinating journey through languages and sentiments. The music from Ines Brotdbeck is called »Fiction Folk". Complex rhythms, aesthetic melodies and a voice that creates moods. A well balanced mix of chamber music-arranged with elements of jazz, pop, folk, and the Brazilian and Cuban tradition. All this is leading to a very own musical microcosm, of dreams and reality.

The thirteen tracks on the accompanying CD are all original compositions by Ines Brodbeck. They were recorded the last year in the One Drop Studio in Basel with Michael Garrod on piano, Joshua Valland on guitar, double-bass Mirco Häberli on Good and Eric on drums. Ines Brodbeck sings, plays violin and various percussion instruments.

Michael Chylewski wasvinvolved in pre-production on the instrumentation and arrangements of some songs and accompanied the production as a bassist and guitarist. Eric Gut was responsible for the recording and mix, the mastering was made by Dan Suter in Zurich.

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