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Alberto Menéndez - Everything will be alright

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Release: 06.02.2012
Product: Audio CD / Digipack
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Rodenstein Records

Alberto Menendez - saxophons
Jean-Yves Jung - organ
Markus Becker - piano & Mac Book Pro
Jean-Marc Robin - drums

Listen to the album:

  Album Titelverzeichnis
01.Open al

02. Far from Bilbao

03. The seeker

 04. Postcard

 05. Hey baby what time is it
06. Freedom for al
07. Everything will be alright
08. Urban groove

09. Far from Bilbao

10. Alt. take

Band Info:
For his new project under his own name called »Everything will be all right«, Alberto Menéndez was able to inspire three colleagues who also work with musicians of the national and international jazz scene. The quartet plays its own compositions in a groove-oriented jazz style, mixed with a touch of electronics. All tunes on this recording are written by Menéndez and Becker who perfectly complement each other in this field. Due to the diversity of the musical directions and styles brought by the musicians, experience shows that this music is worth listening to and interesting for a broadly mixed audience. The predicate »something for everyone« does not reclassify this quartet. It rather shows the size and diversity this band is capable of performing in its element, jazz.

Alberto Menéndez - Tenor & Soprano Saxophone, Jean-Yves Jung Organ studied arrangement, orchestration and piano with Bojan Zulfikarpacik in Paris and is on the road with famous musicians worldwide. For more than two years, he played with the Bireli Lagrene Quartet, and toured and recorded with Billy Cobham''s Higher Ground. He also played with Philip Catherine, Howard Alden, Steve Ellington, Jimmy Woode, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Tony Lakatos, Keith Copeland, Nat Reeves, Christian Escoud, Sylvain Luc, Andre Ceccarelli Trio, Paris Jazz Big Band, Cleveland Eaton Trio.

Markus Becker Piano & Mac Book Pro studied piano, arrangement and composition at the College for Music and Performance Arts in Graz/Austria. He can look back to a long-standing cooperation with Heinz Sauer and played with musicians like Christian Ramond, Christopher Dell, Steve Arguelles, David Liebmann, Jason Seitzer, John Schröder, Burkard Kunkel, Thomas Stabenow, Lee Konitz, Art Farmer, Albert Mangelsdorff, and many others. Jean-Marc Robin -Drums studied classical drums at the Conservatory in Nancy/France. He worked with the Orchestre National de Lorraine, Marcel Azolla, Bireli Lagrene, Lalo Schifrin, Dorado Schmitt, Samson Schmitt, Andreas Oeberg, Gildas Bocle, Stephane Guillaume, Benost Vanderstraten, Sylvain Beuf, Nicolas Folmer, Bob Mintzer, Derrick James.

This quartet is a collective of individualists. from the first tone of their great performance, it sounds like the artists in this group have been playing together for years you can hear the musicians'' pleasure while playing, the tunes - pepped up by the soli - winning you over by the improvisation power of the experts on their instruments.

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