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Don Latarski - Fab 4 On 6 Vol.2

Don Latarski - Fab 4 On 6 Vol.2
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Release: 2005
Product: Audio CD / Jewel Case
Number of Discs: 1
Label:crescent records

Don Latarski - guitar

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  Album Tracklist
CD Tracks
01. Eleanor Rigby
02. Across the Universe
03. Come Together
04. Help!
05. I Feel Fine
06. If I Fell
07. Two of Us
08. In My Life
09. We Can Work It Out
10. She's Leaving Home
11. Things We Said Today
12. The Long and Winding Road

Product Info:
This new CD deviates a bit from the first one. I'm still playing the same guitar but with a different attitude. I wanted to take a few chances this time around and let my imagination play with the songs. Every since I first took up the guitar I've always approached music from a personal perspective. From the start I heard things differently and wasn't afraid to express these differences through embellishment and improvisation. I was forever changing the notes in the songs I was assigned to play. While this made for more expressive (and in my view "better" music) it was a source of frustration to my teachers I'm sure.

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