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Dada - Dada

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Release: 04.02.2011
Product: Audio CD im Digipack
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Rodenstein Records

Fola Dada (Lead Voice)
Mathias Grosch (Keys)
Martin Simon (Bass)
Daniel Schild (Drums)

Frank Kuruc, Daniel Stelter (Guitars)
Volker Degelmann (Trumpet)
Sarah Lipfert, Michelle Walker (Vioces)

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  Album Tracklist
01. Licht
02. Versprich mir
03. Gleichschritt
04. Uns rennt die Zeit davon
05. Halt mich
06. Versuch
07. Weg zu mir
08. Halluzination
09. Regen meiner Seele
10. Genug ist genug
11. Nur der Wind
12. Es ist vorbei

Band Information:
Soul-Jazz with German lyrics. Suited for radio, but far apart from cheap plastic pop; with great arrangements full of different colours; with very personal lyrics, coined by the full voice of singer Fola Dada: warm, intense, silky, full of feeling and full of groove!

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