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Chamber Soul - EP

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Release: 27.11.2007
Product: Audio CD/ Paper
Number of disc: 1
Label: Chamber Soul Music

Brandy Butler - Gesang
Roman Hosek - Gitarre
Rene Mosele - Posaune

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  Album Tracklist
01. Locking Me Out
02. Cynic
03. Things Are Gonna Get Better
04. Interlude 1
05. Le Fonque
06. Nothing Stays The Same
07. Interlude 2
08. Follow the Line
09. Circles

Product Info:
Applying modern soul and pop music to the classical chamber music concept(small, compact, functional) Chamber Soul has created a funky, soulful trio that grooves like hell without the help of anything else but the music.

One Lady, Two Gents: This is Chamber Soul. Based on the concept of Chamber music(small, intimate, compact, and functional) the three musicians use the age old classical formula to create something both modern and soulful.

Brandy butler's voice, sweet, honest and rich speaks.....the guitar answers....and the trombone walks the musical line between them.

Finding a simple complexity in their variety of songs, Chamber Soul makees music truly dance and the spirit soar.

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