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Kolsimcha - Noah

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Release: 24th August 2007
Product: Audio CD / Digipack
Number of Discs: 1
Label: VOJ

Michael Heitzler - Klarinette
Ariel Zuckermann - Flutes
Olivier Truan - Klavier
Daniel Fricker - Bass
Fabian Kuratli - Drums

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  Album Tracklist
01. Catching Up
02. Noah
03. Those Very Short Moments
04. Kiss The Frog
05. The Cuckoo And The Mole
06. Dance In Eleven
07. Forlorn
08. Qunik & Jack
09. A Bout De Souffle
10. On The Move
11. une petite fugue

Product Info:
Kolsimcha's latest production was published in August 2007. This record played with the new members is just bubbling over with joy for playing. NOAH points to the future, but is at the same time a return to traditional virtues which made Kolsimcha famous.

Kolsimcha the voice of joy is back!

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