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NIKO Cocktail AgoGo - Vol 1

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Release: 05.06.2009
Product: Audio CD / Jewel Case
Number of Discs: 1
Label:hfb Records

Réka - vocals
Tilman Günther - piano
Christoph Sauer - bass
Christof Jaussi - drums
Niko Halfmann - saxes

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  Album Tracklist
01. Singapore Sling
02. One Way Ticket
03. Ice
04. Yellow Balloon
05. Million Dollar
06. Ladies Choice
07. Mai Tai
08. Voodoo Daddy
09. Adam and Eve
10. Bloody Mary
11. Lumumba
12. Beach Beauty
13. S on the B
14. Golden Cadillac

Product Info:
Everything has its music. There are symphonies for worlds und concerts for seasons, songs about favourite books and nasty neighbours. One asks oneself why this one area, one which connects so many people and sweetens countless evenings, has not yet been given its own melody. NIKO with Cocktail AgoGo teases the musical secret out of cocktails like MaiTai, Singapore Sling, Bloody Mary or Million Dollar.

The result: all round pleasure. What could be more fulfilling than the taste of your favourite cocktail combined with its own extra special melody? Because: everything has its music.

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