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MOTEK - Urban

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Release: 15. January 2007
Product: Audio CD im Jewel Case
Number of Discs: 1

Kurt Söldi - tumpet
Andreas Schmid - drums
Alain von Ritter - piano/synth
Jean-Pierre Dix - bass
DJ little maze - turntables

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  Album Tracklist
01. red carpet (intro)
02. le soleil chauffe
03. easy chill
04. l'me brulé
05. get it on
06. between sleep and floor
07. urban
08. traverser sans pont
09. upspace
10. james' wig
11. vin rouge (outro)

Band Info:
The quartet of the trumpet player Kurt Söldi with Andreas Schmid (drums), Alain von Ritter (piano/synth.), Jean-Pierre Dix (bass) does experiments with influences of various musical clichés: improvisation, interplay and dynamic of jazz, grooves from hip-hop and funk as well as the scantiness of drum'n'bass. The result is a exciting and dynamic cd!

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