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Horstmann Wiedmann Daneck - Billy the Kid

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Release: 2001
Product: Audio CD / Jewel Case
Number of Discs: 1
Label:factory outlet records

Thomas Horstmann - guitar Martin Wiedmann - guitar Matthias Daneck - drums, percussion

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  Album Tracklist
01. Billy the Kid
02. Pablo's story
03. One look,one touch
04. Dave's tune
05. Waiting for Maria
06. You knew
07. S/catch
08. Flying
09. Homeward bound
10. Folksong

Liner Note: Garry Hagberg
This new offering from the Horstmann-Wiedmann-Daneck Trio shows that the music performed by this intimate improvising collective continues to grow steadily and surely, with each of the members facing the musical challenges presented by these compositions in his own distinctive way.

billy the kid is very clearly a major step forward for the Horstmann_Wiedmann_Daneck Trio, and we listeners-- and particularly those who care about the expanding possibilities of improvised music-- are fortunate to have this freeze-frame record of an important moment in this trio's ongoing evolution.

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