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COCADA - liberdade

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Release: 25.03.2011
Produkt: Audio CD im Digipack
Anzahl Disks/Tonträger: 1
Label: Rodenstein Records

Tanja Mathias-Heintz (piano, keyb.)
Martin Simon (bass)
Cris Gavazzoni (drums, perc)
Fausto Israel (vocal)
Olaf Schönborn (sax, flute)

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  Album Titelverzeichnis
01. Dia A Dia
02. Nosso Samba
03. Viagem
04. Move
05. Virar Crianca
05. www.ilusao
06. Two In One
07. Wo Find Isch Sie
08. Sorry

Product Info:
Brazilian grooves, Portuguese lyrics, catchy melodies and great jazz solos are the ingredients of the tasty COCADA offered to you by this Brazilian/German band. All songs are originals by piano player Tanja Mathias-Heintz with lyrics by singer Fausto Israel from Sao Paolo.

This record gives you a taste of Brazilian vitality and sun enjoy! The Lyrics by Fausto Israel are dealing with the poetic moments in life. Stories about music that leads you ibto the past, impressions of daces in Brazilian backyards and even an ironic love song for a dishwasher.

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