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Release: 15.12.2006
Product: Audio CD / Digipack
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Dry Records

Michael Bucher - Gitarre / Komposition
Patrick Sommer - Bass / Komposition
Tobias Friedli - Schlagzeug

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  Album Tracklist
01. seven
02. moment I
03. thermi
04. bill
05. moment II
06. nordstrand
07. song for b
08. triptrip
09. six
10. moment III
11. some blues
12. april
13. cruisin
14. unschuld
15. moment IV

Band Info:
With the establishment of BUCHERSOMMERFRIEDLI a Trio was born, that has it going on. The two young musicians from Zurich, Switzerland, Michael Bucher (guitar) and Patrick Sommer (bass), launched their common project with the firm concept of a Working Band. The two work on material, which later is developed into a concert version with third member of the Trio, drummer Tobias Friedli.

The emphasis with this process lies in the development of own compositions, for which Bucher as well as Sommer are responsible. These pieces function in the kind of jazz standards. Besides the interpretation of the melody they offer plenty of room for exciting improvisations and different forms of interaction. A further characteristic for BUCHERSOMMERFRIEDLI is its groove orientation, which expands the framework of a usual Jazztrio by far.

BUCHERSOMMERFRIEDLI's high goal is to look for new ways within the far fieldof the jazz idiom and to give a continuation to earlier and idealistically related formations of that tradition.

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