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Atlantic Jazz Trio - Some Other Time

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Release: 2002
Product: Audio CD / Jewel Case
Number of Discs: 1
Label:factory outlet records

Garry Hagberg: guitar
Thomas Horstmann: guitar
Peter Schönfeld: bass

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  Album Titelverzeichnis
01. My Romance
02. A short one
03. To be or to U.B.
04. Children's song
05. Diabolus
06. Good bye pork pie hat
07. Plumb the bayou
08. Sometime ago
09. Keep me in mind
10. From anywhere to somewhere
11. Some other time

Product Info:
Sometimes tunes re-emerge from earlier years in a musician's imagination, reasserting themselves into the present scene, bringing both resonances from the past and a renewed vitality for the present. And sometimes new pieces emerge from a musician's imagination that, despite their newness, nevertheless seem to connect to the style, the musical language, or the mood of earlier half-forgotten, half-remembered tunes. Both kinds are offered in this new set from the Atlantic Jazz Trio, and we offer them in the hope that both our old and new friends will find in them moments of enjoyment.

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