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Ensemble Pio mehr...

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Release: 01.10.2008
Product: Audio CD / Jewel Case
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Independent

Katja Harbers - Akkordeon, Gesang
Jochen Anger - Klarinette, Bassklarinette
Hartmut Nold - Vibraphon
Roman Rothen - Kontrabass

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  Album Titelverzeichnis
01. Desertnight
02. Bei mir bist du scheyn
03. Gege tire au caro
04. Bulja, Bulja
05. Ich hob dich tsuviel lieb
06. Chiiquilin
07. Ein badischer Musette
08. La Fortezza dei grandi perche
09. Göttingen
10. Psicosis
11. Un retour
12. Miss Karting
13. Buenos Aires hora cero
14. Desde el alma
15. Libertango
16. Magelone
17. Rivalite
18. Wedding in Ulm
19. Her nor du scheyn meydele
20. Elsa & Mina Lullaby

Product Info:
In 2002, four musicians of the most different musical origins joined: they have their roots in Classic, Jazz and New Music. Modern and traditional elements mint their music. Not less extraordinary is their instrumentation with accordion, clarinet, contrabass and vibraphone. The ensemble uses these contradictions to create a new multi-faceted and fascinating blend of style and sound.

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